1. TITLE

The Alliance shall be designated “The North East of Scotland Golfers’ Alliance” (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance.)


The object of the Alliance is to enable Professional and Amateur Golfers to meet in competition from September to March inclusive and to develop fellowship with each other with a view to further enriching the game of Golf.


The area embraced by the Alliance shall be the North East of Scotland.


(a) Membership shall be confined to Professionals, Assistant Professionals and Amateurs (maximum handicap 18) who are

resident or working in or are members of Golf Clubs within the area defined in Rule 3.

(b) The Management Committee are authorised to refuse any applicant for membership and shall not be bound to disclose the reason for doing so.

(c) All Professional and Amateur Golfers who are members of any other Alliance in Great Britain may be accepted as a temporary Member of this Alliance.


(a) The Annual Subscription for membership and weekly entry fee shall be recommended by the Management Committee each year and agreed by Members at the A.G.M.

(b) The Management Committee will have the power to set a joining fee for membership.

(c) The annual subscriptions are due by the first meeting in September. A Management Committee meeting will be held three weeks later to review the membership. People on the waiting list will be invited to join from the first Wednesday in October.


(a) The Alliance shall be governed by a Management Committee consisting of Captain, Vice-Captain and three Ordinary Members together with the Secretary/Treasurer. Four shall form a quorum.

(b) The Management Committee shall be elected at the A.G.M. as follows, Captain and Vice-Captain shall be elected for a period of 2 years, the Secretary/Treasurer appointed annually and receive remuneration as agreed by members present.

(c) One Ordinary Member shall retire annually by rotation but may be re-elected for a further period of office. Such a Member may also be elected to the office of Captain or Vice-Captain.

(d)  The Management Committee shall conduct the business of the Alliance and will from time to time hold meetings where  necessary.

(e)  The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy in its membership occurring during the course of the year.

(f)   The Management Committee shall be authorised to fix or adjust the Handicaps of members for Alliance purposes only.

(g)  At all Meetings of the Alliance the Captain shall have a casting vote in addition to his deliberate vote.

(h)  The Management Committee may recommend the appointment of an Honorary President(s) at the AGM.



(a) Suspension


On receipt of a complaint by letter, addressed to the Secretary, duly signed by two members of the Alliance, with regard to the conduct of another member, which could prejudice the integrity of the said Alliance, the Secretary will call a meeting of the Management Committee at suitable early date. Four Management Committee members shall form a quorum.

If the Management Committee so decides that the matter requires further action, the Secretary will inform the member by letter to attend a Management Committee meeting as soon as possible. The said member will have the right to have a representative to speak on his/her behalf and will be given the opportunity to cross examine the complainants in order to establish the facts and to clear up any anomaly in the matter. The Management Committee will have the power to immediately suspend such member from participating in any further competitions for a period of time to be decided by the Management Committee. The member will be informed by letter of the decision as to the length of suspension, without the necessity or publishing its reason for the cause of this suspension.

(b) Expulsion

If the Management Committee by majority cannot resolve the matter the Secretary will call a Special General Meeting of all members within 21 days. The Meeting will be held at a suitable time and venue convenient to the Captain. Only the business of EXPULSION will be discussed and decided upon at the Meeting and it shall not be competent to deal with any other business. The said member will have the right to have a Representative to speak on his/her behalf at the Meeting. If two-thirds of the members present confirm the decision to have the member expelled, the member may not be entitled to any repayment of subscription or claim against the Alliance. The expelled member will have the Right of Appeal within 14 days.


(a) The Alliance Championship shall be the premier competition and shall be held in March each year wherever possible. The Rules governing the Championship shall be laid down by the Management Committee each year, including the qualifying conditions.

(b)  Any dispute arising out of any Competition shall be settled by the Management Committee and their   decision shall be final.

(c)  No Member shall be entitled to play in any Competition until their Annual Subscription has been paid.


The Management Committee are authorised to organise social functions.


All Members of this Alliance, if Competitors in the Scottish Alliance Championship, shall be bound by the Constitution and Rules thereof.



The financial year shall close after the last day of March and the Secretary/Treasurer shall submit an audited Statement of Accounts which will be laid before the A.G.M. An auditor shall be elected annually at the A.G.M.

All transactions on any Bank Accounts held in the name of the Alliance require to authorised by any two members of the Management Committee.



(a) Transact all businesses of the Alliance which pertains to the office of Secretary including Fixtures, Competitions, Matches, Minutes, List of members, Results etc.

(b) Control all monies belonging to the Alliance and keep accounts as appropriate. These accounts to be produced when called upon at any meetings of the Management Committee.

(c) He shall have a vote in the deliberations of the Alliance.


(a)  The Management Committee shall meet at least once during the year or as often as necessary.

(b)  The A.G.M. shall be held at any time during the calendar year in advance of the next season which will normally begin at the start of September.  Fifteen Members to form a Quorum.

(c)  An Extraordinary General meeting may be called at any time within one calendar month of receiving a written requisition to do so by Ten members. Such requisition shall specify the business to be transacted and it shall not be competent to deal with any other business.


The foregoing Constitution and Rules shall not be altered except by three-quarters majority of members voting and present at a General meeting. All other matters will be decided by a majority vote. The Management Committee shall have the authority to make Bye-laws consistent with the foregoing from time to time as they think fit and such Bye-laws shall be binding to all members immediately on publication thereof.

September 2020

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